Below you will find testimonials of people we have done business with us in the past. Each person has a different reason on why they used 52 Properties to build their invest property portfolio.


Ken & Tasha R (Los Angeles, CA)

Tasha – “I told Ken we gotta do real estate, we gotta do real estate”

Ken – “If you wanna make money, you go where the money is at and this is where the money is at. Sky is the limit and 52 Properties presented the right properties where the money was at!”


Mike T (Marin, CA)

“I’ve known for a number of years I wanted to get into real estate investing but I didn’t know how. 52 Properties provided me with the tools and means that I know will make me very successful”


Mitch H (San Francisco, CA)

“52 Properties was a fantastic experience. I learned that I can branch out and go anywhere in the country to expand my real estate portfolio”


Sue K (New York, NY)

“I always worried about not having a lot of money to get started in real estate. What I loved is that I can invest outside of New York City with relatively speaking very little money”


Vishnu P (Dallas, TX)

“This was the first property I purchased. I’ve always been procrastinating in my life, I’ve alway put things off, but 52 Properties helped me land my first investment property and become successful”