No Proof of Funds

No Proof of Funds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I sign up for your weekly investment deals?
A – You can sign up here: 

Q – How much does the service cost?
A – This is a free real estate service provided by Ali Safavi and his team.

Q – Are you collecting my email to spam me?
A – No, we will never email you more than once a week. We will never sell or share your email with anyone else.

Q – Which day of the week will you be sending out the deals?
A – Typically on Tuesdays. However, real estate is very dynamic and therefore extremely difficult to gauge. The deals we present are very time sensitive and we will email as soon as we can.

Q – How much do these properties cost?
A – We work with sophisticated investors or corporations, properties range from from $1M to $500M properties.

Q – Who has bought from you in the past?
A – Our investor’s confidentially is our top priority. As a team we close over 50 deals a year.

Q – How do you vet a tenant to ensure maximum rental income?
A – Our property management team will take a five step approach to finding you an outstanding tenant:

  1. Credit and renal application analysis
  2. Last 90 days pay stubs
  3. Employment verification
  4. Reference check
  5. Physically visit their current residence

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