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Could Investing in Multi-Family Property Increase Your Income?

The concept of a multi-family property isn’t exactly new. In technical terms, a structure with more than two separate living units counts as a multi-family property. Over the years these types of homes have propelled a shift in culture in the country for both homeowners and property investors. A recent report by JLL showed how […]

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How to Find an Investment Property

The real estate market is an intricate and diverse arena. It can be quite confusing to find a great investment property; especially for inexperienced buyers and sellers, given the different ways properties are made available in the market. And if that isn’t enough, with so many investment properties to choose from, investors may find it […]

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Five Ingredients of a Highly Motivated Seller

For a plethora of reasons, getting sellers to bite on aggressive offers is becoming exceedingly challenging these days. If the investors are clueless about the things that motivate the sellers, getting their offers accepted becomes nearly impossible. In most cases, sellers have unrealistic beliefs and outrageous standards, and these are the things that investors need […]

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How to Analyze any Buy and Hold Deal

A Real Estate investment is one of the few tangible assets that, given the proper amount of maintenance, will appreciate in the future. There are two ways to approach a direct real estate investment: buy and flip, and buy and hold. Although buy and flip can yield quick rewards, it also involves large outlays and […]

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